Computer Repair and Upgrades

At times computers will malfunction or wear out.  Other times, the most frustrating problems are the problems that are frequent but random.  Do you ever find yourself asking:

  • “Why is my computer slow?”
  • “Why does it freeze every once and awhile?”
  • “Why did my program just disappear in the middle of typing?”

It could be a corrupt files, faulty hardware, perhaps spyware or a virus.  ComputerSense will track down and repair your computer problems.  While your computer(s) are in our care we will run a virus scan and performance test so that we can make appropriate service or upgrade recommendations.  If you are concerned about the speed and functionality of your computer, call us today to ask what can be done to increase the overall performance of your machine.

Services Offered

  •  Advanced Diagnosis and Repair
  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • Computer Optimization
  • Software Installation
  • Hardware Installation
  • Operating System Installation